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Can I upload TIFF files?

Yes, we accept Tiff files. Tiff files contain a lot more information about your image than other file types and therefore may take longer to upload. Below are a couple of things to check if your files are taking longer than expected to upload to :PrinTribe:

  • Flatten the image files. If you have created multiple layers within your digital file, flattening the file will reduce the file size of the image. Look for the command ‘Flatten layers’ in your graphics program.
  • Reduce the file resolution. Save your file at 150dpi – it doesn’t need to be 300dpi to print digitally.
  • Internet speed. The speed on your internet connection may also influence the speed at which your image uploads. We recommend a file size of 350MB for optimal of image upload and processing speeds. Consider uploading your file in an alternative format – we also accept PDF and JPEG files.

Contact us if you require assistance - we are always happy to help.