How can we help?

Done for you Product set-up service

Not sure how to start uploading your images and set up your products? Let us help you!

We will set up your 5 most popular products in PrinTribe at no cost to you so they are ready to submit and get out to your clients. Book in for this popular service here.

Now you can start selling your art straight away!

How does it work?

Simply upload upload 3 - 5 images to your PrinTribe account with the following specs:

  • the largest size you intend to print (we print up to 120cmx160cm Framed,120x160 Canvas and 200x300 Rolled Prints).
  • a minimum 150DPI
  • with a file size under 350MB 

Next book your Product-Set-Up call so we can create your products according to your instructions. Your most popular products are now in your Product Library ready to submit for production. Note: You can submit these same products over and over again with just one click.

No need to recreate the same products each time!